New Design Launched – Welcome to Version 5.1!

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Hey guys, and welcome to the brand new design of Szaboka’s Blog – this is version 5!

The reason I ditched the old design is because v4 was built with Bootstrap, and since I don’t like frameworks in general, I simply had to change. Plus, flat design became so popular I couldn’t resist creating a flat theme for my own blog. My original plans were to release v5 in May, when 80% of the design and development was done, but life speeded up around me and I just had to keep up. After I could grab a hold of my free time, I sat down and continued the development, but I felt the color scheme a bit too cold and came up with the current one. Hence the name, five-point-one.


On the left you can see the final version of the Photoshop design. On the right is an actual screenshot of a blog post. Quite similar but still different, huh?

About the New Design

The new design features a 6-state responsive layout going from the 320px mobile screen through portrait and landscape tablet views to an 1400px widescreen version. This means whatever device or resolution you are using, your browsing experience will be flawless on the Blog.

The colors are originated from the Flat UI, custom-tailored to my taste. The end result of playing with colors is a pleasant, easy-to-scan color scheme that really fits the Blog’s personality.

Loyal readers of the Blog know that the reading experience has always been way above average. I crafted every single subsection featuring typography with utmost precision for the best possible reading experience.


New Features with Version 5

Version 5 brings along some cool new features to help you experience the Blog more than before! Here are some, feel free to explore more!

  • First of all, my first ever WordPress development project called infoBox, which you can find on every blog post under the featured image. This tells you the average amount of time required to read the actual post, its difficulty, and the programs needed.
  • You can filter posts tagged by certain keywords using the Tag Cloud in the sidebar.
  • To leave a comment, you don’t need to play the old Flash-based captcha anymore. Instead, you just need to solve a super simple mathematical equation to be able to comment.

Future Development

There are a number of additional bugfixing and fine-tuning that need to be done, on which I’ll continue working. Also, I’ll soon go over all the posts and revise them and might even tailor them to fit the new design.

Please, if you run into a bug, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ve put a lot of work into this and I want to make it really close to perfect, for which I need your help to report any bugs you find.

A Big Thank You

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me developing the theme. Special thanks go to Vivien Markovics for supporting me in real life, and to Andras Fulop who has helped me a lot in coding those functions. Also, thank you, dear readers for keeping reading my posts, and for all the shares and all the likes that are continuously making my Blog go more and more popular in the blogosphere. Also, thanks for all the supportive comments that helped me A LOT.

Without you, it would be for nothing. Thank you!

Please enjoy using the new design as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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