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Ever bumped into the situation where you created a vector shape in Photoshop, and the edges of the shape became undesirable? Unfortunately this is not a display problem, it renders like this when the document is saved. Photoshop is a pixel-based application, which means every document is based on a grid of pixels. However, paths are vector-based objects that are not constricted to the document’s pixel grid. A control point can live somewhere between two actual pixels. And this is the fact that produces this awkward look of vector shapes.

The solution is pretty easy. If we select one of the Shape Tools (U) and go up to the Options Bar, we can see a little dropdown arrow here. All we need to do is click on it and check the “Snap to Pixels” option.

This way, the edges of our future shapes will be snapped to the actual pixel grid of our document.

One important thing to note here: You have to turn the “Snap to Pixels” option on for each and every shape tool individually.

Now, what if you already have a rather complex shape that would be a pain to recreate. What you can do is grab the Direct Selection Tool (A), and reposition the control points one-by-one, paying careful attention to edges and vertices. You may want to zoom way in for this, the further you zoom in, the smaller the movement of the points. Also, you can check the Pixel Grid option in the Show menu for this, it’ll help you a lot!

I hope you like this one, more Quick Tips are about to come in the future! Cheers!

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