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Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of Photoshop for long minutes creating your guides for your next web design? Have you ever felt that struggling with guides is just a waste of time? Have you ever wondered if there was a magical tool for Photoshop that would set an end to your pain?

Let me introduce you GuideGuide

GuideGuide makes the otherwise tedious process of creating guides in Photoshop a pushover. Created by Cameron McEfee to make his own life easier, now it can make Your life easier too! Let’s see what GuideGuide has in its pocket.

The benefits of using GuideGuide

  • It’s free!
  • Install through Adobe Extension Manager
  • Create guides with 1 click
  • Easy to edit guides
  • Ability to add rows, columns and midpoints
  • Create your own sets of guides
  • Use px or % values to your taste

You can download and find out more on GuideGuide’s official website at http://guideguide.me/.

Happy guiding, and thank you Cameron for this awesome Photoshop plugin!

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