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Dear Readers,

It is with a very sad heart that I am writing this last, final post.

Over 3 years ago when I launched my Blog, I wanted it to become a place to educate beginner web designers and developers alike. I can’t tell you how happy it did and it still makes me to teach people stuff.

But times have somewhat changed in my life, and so are the circumstances. I’ve lost my job in April and I started living a fully freelance life, which I’m able to do since then. On one end, it keeps me very busy, which is always good; but on the other hand it leaves me with much fewer free time to overcome all my duties. And this includes my beloved Blog. In the past year, or so, I wasn’t able to produce the adequate amount of tutorials and articles that would keep the Blog rolling, and keep people coming in for new content.

There would be a possibility to hire writers to produce content and publish them for you, but those who’ve been following me from the start, know that I’ve never posted anything other than my own material. Also, the money I make from ads on the Blog barely covers even the costs of the hosting.

Therefore, I will soon bring the Blog at to an end.

For those, who have read and liked some of my tutorials, don’t worry, I’ll make the top 10 tuts and articles available in some way, possibly via a nicely formatted PDF, or as a downloadable archive with all the source and final files, – as always – for free.

During the designing and building process of the core of my Blog I have learnt a lot about web development, WordPress, copywriting and all kinds of very interesting things. I will use all this knowledge to create my new home on the web, under the same domain. The new site will be my main portfolio with most of the work I’ve done in the past months for my clients and friends.

Of course, I would like to continue with blogging, because I’ve always loved doing that since the beginning of launching The SzabokaDesigns Blog. The new site will include a blog section, but that blog will not be that frequently updated and will mostly include my own freebies, collections and roundups rather than tutorials and articles.

I am yet unsure what will happen to my social media accounts, including my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. For those who would like to follow along with my work, I recommend checking, or follow me on Twitter for the time being.

I’m saying goodbye to all of you for now.

It’s been a great time.

Thank you all, very very much!


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10 Responses


  • Péter said on 2014.09.27. at 11:39 Reply

    Sajnálattal olvasom, hogy véget vetsz a blognak. Köszönöm az eddigi írásaid és kívánom a legjobbakat a freelance vonalhoz (is)! :)

    • Szaboka said on 2014.09.28. at 12:19 Reply

      Kedves Péter! Köszönöm szépen a hozzászólást és köszönöm, hogy velem tartottál! Remélem tetszeni fog az új blog is, ha elkészül. ☺

  • SimonTheSorcerer said on 2014.10.11. at 7:01 Reply

    Ohhh... :( Well, all the best. "I started living a fully freelance life, which I’m able to do since then" :) That's good to hear. Being an employee sucks. Wish you all the best and success, SimonTheSorcerer

    • Szaboka said on 2014.10.13. at 11:14 Reply

      Thank you very much for the kind words, Simon! Wish you all the best, too! :)

  • Lori said on 2014.10.30. at 8:48 Reply

    Nagyon jó volt, köszi az eddigieket is. Rendkívűl ügyes vagy. Remélem visszatérsz. Sok sikert.

    • Szaboka said on 2014.10.30. at 9:00 Reply

      Köszönöm szépen, hamarosan indul a Portfolióm, ahol folytatom a blogolást, csak egy picit máshogy. :)

  • Terry said on 2014.11.22. at 19:15 Reply

    Hello I came across your article through a recommendation from my online instructor. Very good article on the "Four basic principles of Design" Sad to see you go all the best

  • Saci said on 2015.02.17. at 20:42 Reply

    Sok sikert a tovabbiakhoz!

  • sakil said on 2015.08.04. at 9:43 Reply

    Awesome web site. I really like your work and article. I am already bookmarked your site. Thanks

  • say said on 2017.03.14. at 8:28 Reply

    Awesome web site. I really like your work and article. Well, all the best.


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