New Features of WordPress 3.6

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On 1 August, WordPress announced its brand new release, version 3.6, codenamed Oscar. Let’s have a look at what has changed at what new features were added.

New Theme: Twenty-Thirteen

WordPress introduced their brand new theme for the year 2013, called Twenty-Thirteen.


Twenty-thirteen features a number of post formats to beautifully display all kinds of content. These include image galleries, audio clips, videos, quotes, links, chats, statuses, and what not.

The theme does not include a sidebar area, as it focuses more on your handcrafted content. If you can’t live without widgets, you can make good use of the footer area and place your widgets there.

In terms of typography, it uses the new Source Sans Pro font family for body copy, and the same awesome font I’m using on my Blog for the main headings, which is called Bitter. Both of them are free fonts which you can download in the Google Fonts library.

You can try out the new theme on the official demo website, or you can download Twenty-Thirteen for free on

New Revision System

Now this is amazing, guys! Let’s admit: the revision system in WordPress wasn’t too good in the past versions. Now it has changed.


The revamped revision system features a timeline where you can go back and forth (without having to wait for the page to load) your revision states, and see who changed what and when. In the screenshot above you can see an actual revision of one of the posts of my Blog. The old state is in red, and the revised version is in green.

Multi-user Autosave Feature and Post Locking

If you’re not the only user working on a post, you’ll be amazed by the new, augmented autosave feature in WordPress 3.6. Each of the authors have their own stream of autosave, which saves on the server, and locally, too.

There is also a way for editors (and administrators, of course) to take over editing the document. When this happens, writers are told that an editor has taken over – of course without a single refresh of the page! This is called post locking.


There is a new, built-in backup system, that backs up the post you’re editing, and notifies you when you’re not viewing the latest version.

HTML5 Media Player

Native audio and video embedding is now possible with WordPress 3.6.


All you need to do is to put the URL in your post on the editor screen, and it’s going to automatically recognize it as an HTML5 video or audio stream.

It is worth mentioning that  WordPress 3.6 also has integration built-in for SoundCloud, Spotify and Rdio, so you can share streams more easily.

Don’t like the look of the default media player? You can stylize it by using jPlayer.

A More Clear Menu Editor

If you got lost in the previous menu editor or found hard to edit your custom menus, have no fear or WordPress 3.6’s improved menu editor interface. It includes new functions and shortcuts to make the process of editing menus a breeze.

Video: Introducing WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”

If you want to learn more about WordPress 3.6’s new features, or you would enjoy watching a 2 minutes video, be sure to watch this one, made by the guys at WordPress.


WordPress 3.6 brought some absolutely amazing features. You guys really should upgrade to this new version when you get the chance. Remember! Always back up your data before doing a version update of WordPress!

If you want to learn even more, check out the over 700 tickets closed.

What do you think of WordPress 3.6? Have you already tried out the new functions? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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