25 Creative and Practical Gadgets In and Around Your Home

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In this article I’ve hand-picked 25 gorgeously creative and practical gadgets in and around your home for inspiration. Some are geeky, some are nerdy, some are just simply cool. Some of them have links underneath if you want to purchase them. Have fun browsing through these images, and tell us your opinion which one you like the best!

1. Alessi Castor Pencil Sharpener

Buy it on Amazon.com! 5912_472579556160169_2102752911_n

2. Ctrl+Alt+Del Coffee Mugs

Buy it!


3. Giraffe Bookends


4. Qlocktwo W [Link]

Buy it on Amazon.com! 558714_445142868903838_2026425199_n

5. Social Shower Curtain

Buy it on Amazon.com! 540557_446660078752117_734235573_n

6. Gutter


7. Cable Holder


8. Vespa Lamp [Link]


9. Spam Post Box


10. VW Camper Tent

Buy it on Amazon.com! 944806_455686344516157_1892874008_n

11. Sharky Tea Infuser

Buy it on Amazon.com! 971823_462125950538863_2142549474_n

12. Guitar Key

Buy it on Amazon.com! 970421_463049550446503_1977976638_n

13. Bat Clothespin

Buy it on Amazon.com! 182989_465042643580527_1666849663_n

14. Espresso Set


15. Corkboard Pin


16. “James the Doorman” Doorstop [Link]

Buy it on Amazon.com! 7952_475992382485553_259581735_n

17. Beardo [Link]

Buy it on Amazon.com! 1001466_476736382411153_207648348_n

18. Mr.P Tape Dispenser

Buy it on Amazon.com! 1044284_478881178863340_1601709623_n

19. Mugrock


20. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags [Link]


21. Retro MP3-Player


22. Floppy Disc Table [Link]


23. Keyboard with Plate


24. Toliet Paper Holder


25. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

I have one of these at home! :)
Buy it on Amazon.com!



This is it for today! Which ones do you like the best? Do you own any of these? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Responses


  • Sahil said on 2013.08.06. at 19:26 Reply

    Creative and fabulous ! I personally liked the Cable holder and Mr.P Tape Dispenser !! Nice Article !

  • Bayu said on 2013.08.11. at 3:27 Reply

    Awesome article! They are very cool. But things I love are Retro MP3-Player, Qlocktwo W, and Ctrl+Alt+Del Coffee Mugs.

  • Stacy Vanden Heuvel said on 2013.12.24. at 18:21 Reply

    Love it! Retweeted and bookmarking for the next presents to buy.

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