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  • Srinivas said on 2012.03.19. at 5:54 Reply

    Awesome collection Roland...thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up.

  • Nora @Logo Design said on 2012.03.19. at 7:54 Reply

    Such a huge n great showcase of logo design, this is really so nice to see this showcase here, as a logo designer, this was so inspiring to me! thank you for this good job here :)

  • Web Designing said on 2012.03.19. at 14:58 Reply

    cool collection for design i like it i m inspire too see that thanks for shearing!

  • Neal said on 2012.03.20. at 11:58 Reply

    These are great logo designs, thanks for sharing.

  • jimmy@Template Design said on 2012.09.04. at 9:06 Reply

    Great collection…. I love these creative simple and beautiful logo design concepts…

  • Affordable logo designing said on 2012.11.26. at 8:57 Reply

    Amazing collection very nice concept.

  • Hair transplantation in hyderabad said on 2013.04.17. at 7:51 Reply

    wow i found innovative designs here super b blog

  • web designing in chennai said on 2013.04.17. at 10:52 Reply

    the blog was really interesting and articles here are also really fantastic

  • Web Hosting in Hyderabad said on 2013.04.20. at 10:41 Reply

    good work well done

  • Web Hosting in Hyderabad said on 2013.04.20. at 10:42 Reply

    good work keep it up

  • Web Designing in Coimbatore said on 2013.05.03. at 8:38 Reply

    rare collections are found here really super blog

  • Muhammad Mahtab Saleem said on 2013.05.28. at 10:31 Reply

    Really awesome collection of creative designs!

  • Bruce Morris said on 2013.06.11. at 9:05 Reply

    It's Well appreciated. The blog is very interesting and informative the articles are also very helpful. I really liked you collection. Thanks for sharing this beautiful designs.

  • Robin Pina said on 2013.06.12. at 11:00 Reply

    These logo designs are very interesting and impressive. The color combination is also beautiful.. The logo design is very creative and shows the effort of a logo designer.

  • Stephen Burt said on 2013.06.13. at 8:42 Reply

    These are an amazing design for logo inspiration. This blog is my favorite and the article on this blog is really fantastic. Great work keep it up. Thanks for sharing this interesting design with us.

  • Alice Josh said on 2013.06.21. at 11:28 Reply

    logo designing needs tons of creativity, brilliant mind to imagine and artistic hands to sketch it on paper. it also required lots of experience and practice because of the fact that your experience make you confident and bring perfection to your work.

  • Kiran Prasai said on 2013.06.21. at 18:04 Reply

    Great! But some time we have to fight with copy right. Last time I designed a logo just after one month I got an Email complaining about the logo. Dear readers designing logo is good but the logo should be unique no copy paste my fiend.

  • Debarshi said on 2013.07.19. at 7:58 Reply

    Great collection. But you missed this one http://szaboka.com/wp-content/themes/SDBv4WP/img/logo.png :)

    • Szaboka said on 2013.07.19. at 12:56 Reply

      Thanks man! I appreciate your love! :)

  • Graphicxx said on 2013.08.24. at 12:47 Reply

    i like this blog thanks for sharing keep it up Regards Graphicxx

  • wintro said on 2013.09.21. at 11:20 Reply

    logo designing is now a days a very good source of income and also new upcoming companies always need a better and attractive logo.

  • Rabeya Khatun Lovely said on 2013.11.26. at 6:16 Reply

    What a nice collection! This logos are increasing my imagination. This will help me to create a new logo. Thanks a lot !.......

  • Emin Sinanyan said on 2014.02.18. at 21:12 Reply

    Very nice collection I must say. My favorite is number 94. Seen it somewhere else too but it always caught my attention. Very creative and inelegant use of idea and design.

  • Bagera said on 2014.03.07. at 4:04 Reply

    What a nice collection !! :*

  • Free PSD said on 2014.03.07. at 10:21 Reply

    Awesome logos, thanks for sharing with us...

  • WP Learner said on 2014.03.31. at 9:35 Reply

    A great list of wonderful logo design. Thanks for curating the creative article to inspire fellow designers!

  • Satpal said on 2014.03.31. at 12:48 Reply

    A great creativity and inspiration to all designer :) Keep it up Broo

  • Samarth Mandavia said on 2014.04.19. at 13:34 Reply

    good ones

  • creative logos said on 2014.06.18. at 7:53 Reply

    Great Creativity! What a thinking..I liked your work & the way you have presented things is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • dgDeveloper ( Web Developer & Designer ) said on 2014.07.12. at 5:14 Reply

    Very Nice Collection.

  • Christopher Taylor said on 2014.09.03. at 8:34 Reply

    Great collection of logos! I especially love the ‘Eco Frog’ and ‘Cyber Café’ logos. All these logos are very meaningful. Logo designing is an art and not everyone can do it.

  • pritesh said on 2014.09.20. at 13:36 Reply

    Very Nice Collection. Awesome logos, thanks for sharing with us...

  • Nagarjuna said on 2014.09.26. at 11:53 Reply

    Nice ideas, can any one suggest me a logo for my company ? We are in to placements, company name "AAD ON CONSULTING SERVICES" Thanks in advance

  • Ashish Ajani said on 2014.11.24. at 6:39 Reply

    This is really helpful tips for choosing/creating a right logo for the website. You always rock. Thanks for sharing.

  • Scott said on 2014.12.11. at 6:19 Reply

    Hi. Can you please share what font you used for the Digital Wave logo? Super cool! Thanks!

  • Life is Awesome Design Studio said on 2015.01.21. at 13:09 Reply

    The designs produced here are very interesting and attracting. Best logo designs are those that reflect on what you do; what products and services you tend to offer. A general example would be a bank and a coffee shop. Both of them need a logo design but of completely different forms. It is imperative to comprehend each industry’s basic ‘theme.’

  • Logos Mind said on 2015.02.04. at 14:38 Reply

    It's very useful for me as logo designer. Thanks For Sharing ;) looking forward to read more from you

  • Julia Watson said on 2015.02.17. at 9:23 Reply

    Hello Creative logo design are very helpful for the newbies. Above logo designs are awesome. These logos helpful for every logo designer. Please tell me how can unique logo design.

  • Logo Design Dubai said on 2015.05.08. at 7:10 Reply

    This is a super awesome logo design collection I have seen recently. Good use of colors and strokes. Highly rated.

  • Logo Redesign said on 2015.06.08. at 11:01 Reply

    Excellently written article, if only all blogger offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!.Great tips, I would like to join your blog anyway.Waiting for some more review.Thank you Logo Redesign

  • 5Pixel said on 2015.07.20. at 17:14 Reply

    Really nice logo showcase,, thank you for share

  • Norman said on 2015.09.10. at 4:33 Reply

    For some reason the pictures of your logos wouldn't display. Only icons appear. I'm looking for logo ideas for my website. Can you help?

  • company logo design said on 2015.12.09. at 7:46 Reply

    I have seen your collection of logo design all of them are good. I noticed that you have not use category color that is necessary for logos. I think if you have seen the top brand it is simple just show their product that it. I would like to prefer simple design is enough for good brand names.

  • vin ith said on 2016.01.01. at 10:35 Reply

    nice logos

  • vijay Babu said on 2016.01.23. at 13:21 Reply

    cool collection for design i like it i m inspire too see that thanks for shearing!

  • Ramgopal said on 2016.05.24. at 18:14 Reply

    I need your service to create a logo for my new business.

  • Hary Pottar said on 2017.03.28. at 17:09 Reply

    This is very nice

  • Erfan said on 2017.06.12. at 16:47 Reply

    Thanks a lot!

  • Sai Kumar said on 2017.10.09. at 14:12 Reply

    Two words - Fantastic blog!

  • Alex said on 2018.01.20. at 0:29 Reply

    Great work, they look amazing and interesting. Thanks a lot!

  • Alex said on 2018.01.20. at 0:35 Reply

    Fantastic logo designs. Many interesting ideas. Thanks a lot!

  • Szaboka said on 2015.10.02. at 20:36 Reply

    I've corrected the link URLs. Thanks for noticing! :)

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