10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

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Responsive webdesign is all the rage these days. But what the heck is this all about?

The idea behind responsive web design is to create websites that are able to react to the user’s interactions and can detect the medium on which the site’s being watched in order to provide the best user experience possible. Responsive web design involves the utilization of three main concepts: Flexible grid, Flexible images and typography, and CSS3 Media Queries. If a site accomplishes these concepts, then it is considered responsive.

In the future we’ll dive into responsive webdesigning a little deeper, but until then, I present you a collection 10 beautiful, and FREE responsive WordPress themes. Try resizing your browser window, or view the demos on a mobile device to experience responsiveness!

The Collection of Free Responsive WordPress Themes

iTheme 2

View the Demo | Download Theme


View the Demo | Download Theme


View the Demo | Download Theme


View the Demo | Download Theme


View the Demo | Download Theme


View the Demo | Download Theme


View the Demo | Download Theme


View the Demo | Download Theme

Responsive TwentyTen

View the Demo | Download Theme

Seamless PhotoGrid

View the Demo | Download Theme


So, the list is over, I hope I’ve managed to inspire you by these free responsive WordPress themes, please enjoy them, and I’ll see you next time!

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