The Ultimate Collection of 50 Free User Interface PSD’s

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There are some awesome designers out there who spend their time on creating User Interface Elements for us to use. These UI Kits are scattered around the internet on many websites, so we thought we’d gather the best of the best. In this article you’ll find 50 pieces of high-quality, beautifully designed, rich UI Kit PSD’s. All you need to do is download the ones you like, support the authors, and of course, share this article with the world.

1. White & Blue – Web UI Elements Pack

“The download includes the fully editable layered Photoshop file. Enjoy the download and customisation! Be sure to leave some feedback.”

2. Black UI Kit

“Up for grabs is a free PSD UI kit designed by Alex Patrascu. The file is fully layered and very well organized to make it easy to work with. Alex did a fantastic job of including a lot of the common elements needed when designing a website or app.”

3. Butterscotch UI Kit

“Today’s free download is a gorgeous UI kit with resizable shape layers in a clean, well organized PSD file.”

4. Blaubarry

5. Modern & Gray Web Elements 2.0

6. Web UI Treasure Chest

7. Futurico

“Yay! It’s time for a new free giveaway and we are happy to present a wonderfully creative collection of Futurico – Free User Interface Components (PSD). We think that these are so far the greatest user interface components we have shared with you guys and we hope you will agree with us on this.”

(Beware, it’s a pretty long one!)

8. Mega UI Pack

9. Moonify

10. Aluminoi

11. Minimalist Dark PSD  Web UI Set

“A minimalist dark psd web ui with web elements to make your website design stands out in the crowd. It comes with a myriad of colors for the elements hover states. Web page elements include: Buttons, Search Box, Social Icons, Tabs, Pagination and more.”

12. DevGrow Modern UI Pack

13. UI Bundle

14. UI Kit PSD by MontyDesi

15. Simple UI Pack

16. Yellow Web UI Elements Kit

(It’s a pretty long one, too!)

17. Chutzpah User Interface Kit

18. Mini Web UI Set

19. Snow UI Kit

“This set of user interface elements was created for specifically for light, modern websites and applications. Each of these elements will fit beautifully with subtle textured or solid backgrounds, making your site rich with design elements and beauty. Each individual element has been hand-crafted with attention to detail for a truly pixel perfect result and all layers are grouped and organized well for ease of use.”

20. Noire UI Elements

“These sleek and elegant user interface elements are handcrafted, editable, layered and organized, and best of all, free. Enjoy!”

21. Heads Up Display UI Kit

Here is a collection of over 50 pixel perfect HUD (Heads Up Display) user interface elements, for wire-framing and mocking-up desktop and web apps. Each one has been hand-crafted in Photoshop with vector shape layers and layer styles.

22. Got Wood? UI Design Elements

“This huge set of over 100 web and user interface design elements has been hand-crafted just for MediaLoot, it contains all of the common web and app design elements you need for a beautiful user experience. Each element is created using vector shapes and just 1 seamless texture, so everything is scalable and suitable for multiple uses, from iPhone and iPad apps to websites or desktop applications. The best part, of course, is that it’s all free!”

(This one is a pretty long one, again!)

23. Glossy 3D UI Kit

“We have partnered with Specky Boy today for this freebie, a hand-crafted glossy 3D UI kit, included in the pack is an editable Fireworks PNG file and also Photoshop PSD.”

24. Blanc Web Elements

“This set of web and user interface elements was created for specifically for light, crisp websites and applications. Each individual element has been hand-crafted with attention to detail for a truly pixel perfect result and all layers are grouped and organized well for ease of use.”

25. Light UI PSD

26. Transparent UI Kit

27. UI Kit by Mathieu Brg

28. Business UI PSD

29. Soft White UI Kit

30. Tron UI Set PSD

31. Soft UI Kit

32. Web UI Resources PSD

33. Bloom UI Kit

34. Black UI Elements PSD

35. Cloudy UI Kit

36. Dark Web and Apps UI Kit

“Today’s contribuition from Lukáš Troup may come in handy for those of you, who enjoy first class webdesign elements :-) Really helpful.”

37. Elegant Blue UI

(Long one!)

38. Feedgrids Modern Web UI Set

39. Grey UI Elements

40. Minimalistic UI Kit in Google+ Colors

41. Sleek UI Elements

“Whether you’re creating a website or mobile app, well designed UI elements are key to a good user experience. This PSD contains a number of useful elements in a modern, sleek style.”

42. iPad Music App

43. iPad Retina GUI PSD

“In 2008 we released our first iOS PSD. We continue to do it, not only because we find useful, but because we think a lot of other designers do too. In fact, over the past four years they’ve been downloaded millions of times. It’s become our little thank you to an industry that has given us so much. We’re really proud to be releasing our latest version today. It’s based on iOS 5.1 and includes hundreds of retina assets available natively on the platform. In addition to the GUI assets, you’ll find perfectly scaled ‘New’ iPads to help you create the apps we’ll come to love in the future.”

44. iPhone Retina UI PSD

“It took a good deal longer to complete given the sheer size and level of detail the retina display has. It wasn’t a simple scale-up from the last file. It was clear as we created it that Apple has spent a lot of time considering how each element should be translated to such a dense resolution. What were single pixel elements are now two or three pixels thick and effects are exaggerated to become visible.”

45. Facebook GUI PSD Kit

“… Designed bySurgeWorks and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The main idea behind the kit is to speed up the prototyping of Facebook application UIs and Facebook fan pages, thus sparing you from drawing all the comps and letting you customize all the texts, buttons and data as you need. As usual, the kit is free to use in all projects, without any restrictions.”

46. Android 1.5 GUI PSD

“Photoshop file with elements of Android 1.5 GUI to help open-source community with application mock-ups.”

47. Android 2.2 GUI PSD

48. Android 2.3.4 GUI PSD

49. Windows 8 Metro UI PSD

50. Windows Phone 7 GUI PSD


And this is it for today, Folks! A superb collection of 50 free-to-download UI and GUI kits. Feel free to use them in your work, but also make sure to look after legal notices on their respective owners’ websites! I hope you’ll enjoy using them. Please also share the word for everyone to access this awesome collection of user interface PSD’s!

Do you know more?

Do you love, use or own any other awesome UI Kits? Share them with us, so that everyone will know of it!

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