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Hey guys and please give a warm welcome to my first ever user interface kit released. I’ve long been thinking about and working on this, and now’s a beautiful day to release it. Without further introduction, here is what’s in the PSD.


Everything in the PSD is editable/reusable with a few clicks.

  • Buttons (5 colors, each in 3 states)
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons (3 states)
  • ON/OFF Switches (2 styles)
  • Sliders (2 types, 5 colors in total)
  • Alerts (4 colors)
  • Tags (6 colors)
  • Pullquote (1 color)
  • Headings (h1-h6)
  • Paragraph
  • Ordered List (1 color)
  • Form Elements (input & textarea)

Preview of the UI Kit


Say it Loud!

I am really curious how you guys like it! I’m planning to extend this one with more awesome user interface elements such as pricing tables, sliders, popups, modals, etc.

So, please if you like it or not, tell me in the Comments section below, I’ll read through every single one of them as always and take your needs into consideration. Thank you, and please enjoy!

Download User Interface Kit PSD v1.0

By clicking the button, you can download the UI Kit PSD [1,97MB] for free. You’re going to need Adobe Photoshop to open the file.


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