Outdoors Texture Pack #1

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Today I present you my first ever texture pack. I went out to the streets and took some random photos of some great textures. I hope they are going to serve well for your next designs. All the images have a resolution of 3264*1840 and were taken with a HTC Sensation 4G’s camera. The title says “Pack #1”, which means there will be more coming in the future. For now, please enjoy this great outdoors texture pack and stay tuned!

(You can click on the pictures individually to view them in full size, or you can use the biiig yellow button on the bottom of the page to download the whole texture pack in a .zip archive!)

Ground 1

Ground 2


Concrete 1

Concrete 2

Asphalt 1

Asphalt 2

Concrete 3

Wood 1

Concrete 4

Concrete 5

Ground 2

Wood 2

Wood 3

Like all of them?

You can download all these textures in a .zip file by clicking the button below!


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