Leather Pieces Social Media Iconset – 2nd Edition

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Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying the new design of Szaboka’s Blog. I was stumbling through my stone age articles one day and I came up with the idea to redesign and republish my social media iconset. The result speaks for itself, I hope you’re going to like them!

The new set contains 34 icons of well-known social media sites. They can be downloaded in  size of 315×315 pixels, in .PNG format without background. Hope you’ll like it!

Leather Pieces Social Media Iconset Preview

Download for Free!

There you go, free to download, as promised! Please share the word about this freebie, if you have the chance!


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7 Responses


  • avn said on 2012.11.09. at 15:02 Reply

    Wow! that's what i was looking for. Thanks for sharing. Cheers! Avn

  • Texturezine said on 2012.11.25. at 9:59 Reply

    looks great, textures lovely! thanks for sharing.

  • ululf01 said on 2013.02.12. at 9:33 Reply

    wow realy nice icon

  • Lukas said on 2013.06.28. at 22:23 Reply

    Hey there, i am trying to press download but it doesn't work? :(

    • Szaboka said on 2013.06.29. at 8:51 Reply

      Hey there, Make sure your ad-blocker application is not blocking it.

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