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Today is a very special day. Together with PixelKit, we bring you an awesome flat icon set, contaning 12 beautiful free icons for your next designs.



The Flat Jewels Icon Set is very colorful and could be a great choice for your website design. They even work well with mobiles sites. Since they are vector graphics, it is very easy to scale them up or down in size and still keep the same level of quality and clarity. This freebie set features 12 beautiful icons that will give your site the fun and funky look you want. Some of the categories for these icons include Hardware, Multimedia, Food and Drink, and the Weather. These are a great addition to many sites, and they can really help to make your site a true standout!

Download the Flat Icon Set

Download this special freebie by clicking on the button below!


(PSD file, 1.53 MB)

Check Them Out

If you like this set, feel free to visit PixelKit by clicking on their banner.


Thanks for the shares, and please enjoy Flat Jewels! :)

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  • Ashley Z. Ware said on 2013.11.22. at 7:32 Reply

    Nice list of great icons, I do love icons on websites, so this is a good roundup, DUGG!

  • waagraphics said on 2013.12.05. at 17:15 Reply

    nice list Mr. Roland i would like to you thanks......


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