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Hey everyone! Today I’m proud to present you my next hand-crafted freebie, a set of twelve flat vector mobile phones. There were designed in a flat, minimalistic style, but still maintaining every single detail for instant recognition and optimal quality. You can use them for free to showcase your design work, or for creating infographics and instructographics.

Here’s how it looks


Download Flat Vector Mobile Phones

You can download this freebie by clicking the button below.


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I need your feedback

Let me know in the Comments, what you think of this vector freebie. Should I do more? Need a specific phone created? Have an idea? Get in touch!

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  • Kate said on 2014.03.01. at 13:21 Reply

    I think the download link is broken...

    • Szaboka said on 2014.03.01. at 13:27 Reply

      Thank you very much for noticing, I've corrected it, and now it works!


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