22 Free Flat Icons by Flat-Icons (15% OFF for Full Pack)

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Today with the wizards from Flat-Icons, we bring you an exclusive set of 22 hand-crafted flat icons. This is a collection of free flat icons created exclusively for Szaboka.com, so you’ll surely won’t find this freebie package anywhere else!

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The Creator’s Words

“Flat-Icons is an awesome project started by 3 friendly designers (French and Vietnamese): Benjamin Tortorelli, Hung Hong and Nguyen Trong Nguyen. The idea behind this project was to create an amazing set of 140+ icons that designers (and others) could easily use to make all their new projects stand out.

Creating this set of 146 icons was fun and we all learned a lot. We spent days on them, changing our designs, choosing the right colors and trying to create something with our own style and identity. We are really happy with the result and hope that those who will use our set will enjoy it. We always put a lot of love into our designs.”

My goodness, they do!

Download the Exclusive 22pcs Free Flat Iconset

The ZIP file contains an EPS file, an AI file, a PSD file, and 22 rendered PNGs in 256px and 512px sizes! Quite a collection isn’t it?



Exclusiveness Overload! You can buy the full set of 146 flat icons with 15% discount, for only $10.20 instead of $12.00! Grab your copy while this exclusive sale lasts! :)


Enjoying this freebie? Let us know in the comments! Make the Flat-Icons guys proud with your thanks!

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