15 Colorful Free Flat Iconsets for your Inspiration

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In today’s Freebies Collection, you can choose from 15 different flat design-inspired icon sets created by the most creative designers in the world. Let your creative juices flow with these beautiful and free flat icons!

Free Flat Icons by Flat-Icons

One of the most beautifully crafted iconsets I have ever come across so far! The full set contains 146 icons for just $12, but there are 22 available as a free download exclusively on Szaboka.com!


Check out our Exclusive Free Collection of 22 Flat Icons and a Coupon Code for 15% OFF the full package!

Free Flat Icons by iconShock

This is probably the biggest ever produced flat icon set of today. It contains over 3600 (yep, 3600!) free, colorful flat design icons, all for free! There’s also a paid ($39) pack containing even more awesomeness totaling over 4300 icons. This pack has received over 3k Retweets at the time of writing.

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Flatilicious by PixelFabric

A pack of 48 free flat icons with over 7k downloads so far. The icons are in resizable PSD format.

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


 Flat Icons PSD by Pierre Borodin

A set of 9 colorful free flat icons from a Dribbble user. Free download in the link!

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It’s Flat by Sebastiano Guerriero

Another astonishing set of 48 beautifully crafted, free flat icons from Dribbble.

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Flat Icons Freebie #1 by Seevi Kargwal

The designer takes a rather different approach to flat design with this icon set, but with no doubts this is brilliant! Containing only 6 icons, I personally can’t wait for more!

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Flat Icons Freebie #2 by Seevi Kargwal

Same designer, same creativity, more traditional style. Check out these 9 very detailed, free flat icons that will definitely inspire you!

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


20 Flat Icons by GraphicsFuel

Here’s a pack of 20 free flat icons from GraphicsFuel. They work both on dark and light backgrounds! The icons come in a PSD with 128×128 px in size.

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Flat Design Icons Set from PixEden

PixEden created us a free resource of some vectorized flat icons. 200 likes show people really love it. Do you?

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Free Colourful Icons by Michael Dolejs

Another piece of awesomeness from Dribbble containing 12 flat app icons. Could definitely have some uses! Free PSD download in the link.

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Free Flat Icons by Studio4

This set contains 47 free flat icons for you to use wherever you want.

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Free Flat Icons by buatoom

This set of 20 free flat design icons can be downloaded in EPS and PSD formats on Dribbble.

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Modern Long Shadow Icons by WebDesignerDepot

Long Shadow? Flat Design? It’s almost the same! WDD created 30 long-shadow icons for us. See their website for more info.

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Flat UI by DesignModo

Not exclusively an icon set, but it’s worth mentioning! Flat UI contains 14 beautiful flat icons that comes with the package. Check out their GitHub page in the link!

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn


Publicons by Joshua Sortino

Publicons is a growing collection of finely tuned publishing and platform icons. Download available in SVG and PNG formats.

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iOS7 App Icon Redesign by Allen Wang

When we’re talking about flat design we can’t miss iOS7’s new sort-of-flat icons. Among many others, Allen Wang redesigned a few of them to look even more flat! Beautiful!

Free Flat Icons DownloadBtn



This concludes today’s collection of these gorgeous, free flat icons. I hope they inspired you as much as me.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

If you like these awesome freebies, please share the word! Thanks!

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    Szaboka! thanks for sharing this useful icons.

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    Thanks for the tips. Beautiful icons

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    These icons are very creative, colourful and eye catching. They can be used for a variety of things and will help web designers in there projects.

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