Wallpaper Calendars – January 2013

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Hey guys, welcome to twenty-thirteen! I’ve prepared a very special calendar for January that can be downloaded for free. Check it out, and share the wealth! Have a wonderful 2013, see you soon!



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jan-13-1900x1200 jan-13-1900x1080

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6 Responses


  • ululf01 said on 2013.02.12. at 9:54 Reply

    wow very creative design you created, i like it

    • Szaboka said on 2013.02.12. at 10:13 Reply

      Hey man, thanks for all the comments!

  • tymon said on 2013.02.12. at 17:13 Reply

    Thanks for the mario calendar! I like it a lot! I am wondering if there is a Mario Feburary Wallpaper. I am looking forward to it.

    • Szaboka said on 2013.02.12. at 17:23 Reply

      Thanks for your comment, I have never gotten such an amazing feedback to repeat my work again! I'm afraid creating a calendar the same as this one would set an end to my uniqueness. That would result in redundant content. However, I really appreciate you liked it so much!

      • tymon said on 2013.02.19. at 10:15 Reply

        I understand. I am a fan of Mario but not a relier of calendar. So this wallpaper is great enough for me. Thank you for your artwork again! Actually, I would like to tell you that I met your Mario wallpaper on this page: http://www.appinn.com/desktop-wallpaper-calendar-january-2013/ When February came, I started to google it and finally reached your blog. I like your artworks and I'll follow you.

        • Szaboka said on 2013.02.19. at 10:41 Reply

          Thank you so very much.


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