Wallpaper Calendar – September 2013

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Every month we try to impress our readers with gorgeous wallpaper calendars. This month we don’t make an exception either! My dear colleague, László Magyar from LaczaDesign created us this simple but superb illustration to serve as a base for our September wallpaper calendar. The wallpaper can be downloaded in 2560×1440 resolution. If you have a smaller resolution screen, you can set it as your wallpaper and leave your Operating System do the resizing.




Click the button below to download September 2013 Wallpaper Calendar in 2560×1440 resolution!



We hope you like this month’s wallpaper calendar. Your feedback is very welcome. Enjoy!

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2 Responses


  • Bayu said on 2013.09.02. at 1:26 Reply

    One word, Awesome!

  • Dia said on 2013.09.02. at 16:41 Reply

    Szeretem az energia italt :D ez tetszett :D


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