Wallpaper Calendar – November 2013

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Trick or treat! Here I am again with my special edition of this year’s November wallpaper calendars. This month, we provide you with two versions – one of which is the regular calendar wallpaper, and the other one is a special halloween edition. Both wallpapers can be downloaded in Full HD resolution. Please enjoy whichever version you prefer!

Preview of November Wallpaper Calendar


Download the Calendar Edition

Click the Download button to download the standard, calendar-based edition.


Download the Special Halloween Edition

Click the download button below to get the special halloween edition wallpaper.



Thanks for tuning in this month, I really hope you like this month’s wallpaper calendars. Let me know what you think, I am really curious!

iMac PSD was provided by Pixeden.

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  • Luis Sanchez said on 2013.12.04. at 2:00 Reply

    This is great, thanks!! I especially think it would be good for a special occasion - using the front page with a date on it, or an announcement page, or a comic strip.... lots of ideas!

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