Wallpaper Calendar – May 2014

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Hello everyone! You are reading our traditional monthly post where we provide you with a nice little wallpaper calendar for your desktops. This month is no exception!

László Magyar from LaczaDesign created this beautiful piece of awesomeness for your screens, which is available to download in 2560×1440 px QHD resolution (a little below).

Got a lower res screen?

No problem! Just set it as your wallpaper and let your operating system do the automatic resizing!




Click this little button here to download Wallpaper Calendar May 2014 Edition in 2560x1440px resolution! You’ll get a 1,82MB JPG file.


Want to know how it’s made?


We have created a neat little tutorial for you guys that explains how you can use Cinema4D’s basic features and tools to create the base of this calendar. Check out How it’s made: May Calendar 2014 here on Szaboka.com!


MacBook Air by Zan @ NineToFive.com.

Also, can’t credit this guy hard enough, original artwork was provided by LaczaDesign.

Thanks for tuning in this month, and stay sharp for our tutorial coming soon!

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