Exclusive Annual Calendar 2013

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Hey guys and welcome to 2013! The world hasn’t ended (yet), so let’s enjoy the new year. For this special occassion, we’ve created you this awesome Annual Calendar 2013 Wallpaper that is sure to fit nicely on your desktop! We’ve been struggling to impress you with our beautiful wallpaper calendars in 2012 and it won’t change in 2013 either!

This time, and from now on, there’ll be only 1 resolution (2560×1440) to download, and you may let your OS do the resizing for your resolution for maximum quality. Until now we’ve served you with different resolutions and you had to download all the images in a zip just to choose what suits you best. To save your bandwidth we’ll be adding just 1 from now on.

Many thanks go to my dear friend László Magyar from LaczaDesign who have been helping me out for more than a year! If you like his pieces of art, you should definitely check out his website and DeviantART page for more awesome stuff. Oh, by the way, have you already checked out the interview article I’ve done with him?

Have yourselves a very happy new year, and make sure you tune into Szaboka’s Blog in 2013!



Download Annual Calendar 2013



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  • Anush said on 2013.01.01. at 16:58 Reply

    Cool Calender My friend its Awesome

  • ululf01 said on 2013.02.12. at 9:52 Reply

    Really nice selection, loving the calendar design!


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