The Greatest Hits of 2013

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Hey guys! 2013 is almost over, and now it’s time to give you a quick summary of what happened this year, and what comes next in 2014.

History Overview

In the first half of 2013, we were using our older theme called SDBWPv4. It was a Bootstrap-based theme handcrafted by myself and to be really honest, I didn’t like it that much, mainly because of the “limitations” of Bootstrap.


I soon started creating version 5, but due to some difficulties, I had to pause its development in the spring. Then, finally, on 31 July, we released our new theme, codenamed SDBWPv5.1. Version 5 is the most complex theme I’ve built so far. It contains 5 responsive states (1400px, 1200px, 1024px, 768px, 480px and 320px versions), and it has quite a few built-in functions. One of which is the infoBox on the top of every page that tells you the average read time and the difficulty or the applications needed for that tutorial.


I’m still developing the current theme; I’ll soon release version 5.2 with some subtle UI-modifications and improved page load speeds.

In early December, there was a PR update at Google, and my Blog’s PR has updated from 2 to 4. Hooray!

Also in December, our URL has changed from to, so from now on, you can reach us at a dot com domain! And as a little side note, Szaboka’s Blog is now called

Some Numbers from 2013

  • Total page views: 160.000+
  • Total unique visitors: 42.000+
  • Average page view time: 2 minutes
  • Average bounce rate: 2,5%

The Most Notable Posts of 2013

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I’d like to thank all of you for this amazing year – without you, it couldn’t have happened! I’m looking forward to the next year. Stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll find some cool new stuff on in 2014! :)

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